Marantz VS3002

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The number of source products and displays with HDMI in- and outputs are rapidly increasing which requires more and more products that can handle these digital connections. Not having enough HDMI inputs automatically limits you in using these digital connections. That’s were the VS3002 steps in. The VS3002 is designed to connect up to 6 HDMI sources and route them to a single HDMI output connected to an output source like a LCD-screen or projector for instance. To prevent having to switch the output cable, the VS3002 is equipped with 2 HDMI outputs. The VS3002 is equipped with an onboard signal equalizer which corrects the signal that it receives from the source products as it may become duller by the characteristic of the HDMI cable connected between the two products and/or the cable length. The equalizer function re-shapes the signal and outputs a high-quality HDMI signal. VS3002 is fully HDCP compliant and can be controlled by the front panel, enclosed IR remote, RS-232 or automatically, by linking it to an A/V receiver. Controlling is even easier by linking it via the D-bus input to a Marantz receiver. * High reliability to pass through switching of HDMI TMDS signal * 6 inputs / 2 output HDMI ver1.3b selector * Supports video resolutions up to 1080p , 60Hz ,12bit or 720p/1080i , 120Hz ,12-bit color depth * 2.25GHz video bandwidth for Deep Color * Automatic Input Switching * Select output signal emphasis to connected cable characteristic * IR I/O and RS-232 for Flexible Control * Heavy-Duty All-Metal Construction * World wide power supply voltage (100-240 V) * Automatic IR-command function for marantz AVR and VP * Link to Marantz SR or VP products by RC5

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Marantz VS3002

Marantz VS3002

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